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Foodie Fridays

Good¬†evening ūüôā So I know it is Saturday but I was meant to post¬†THIS yesterday…damn my un-organizational skills!

One of my absolute passions is food.¬† Good food at that.¬† I truly love roaming around the internet on foodie¬†blogs, it’s probably the highlight of my week.¬† Most mornings that is what I do.
I have decided to make Fridays my “foodie Fridays” this is where I will post about food that I have eaten throughout the week and enjoyed and post pictures of foods which I have eaten, something along those lines anyway.

I admire health type blogs which advocate healthy living aswell as treating yourself too.¬† I believe wholeheartedly in a balanced diet, one which is for life as opposed to just a month, you know?¬† Fad diets are my absolute enemy.¬† To me¬†they are the most unstructured, unhealthy,¬†unsatisfying, non-sustainable,¬†under-nourished fad’s going around.¬† I am always very curious about what people eat in a typical day; what they enjoy and don’t¬†enjoy, how they cook their meals, what they take in their coffee, if they have ever been on a “typical” diet and if they go to restaurants, then what kinds of things do they order? Do they order sides? Order things without added blah blah blah?

So yea, I’m¬†jumping on a bandwagon of showing the public how I eat.

I hope these types of posts become a good habit of mine, and I would hope that people would chime in with their opinions on things.¬† Today’s post is just short and sweet as this is a complete spur-of-the-moment thing!

This week though, on Tuesday to be precise I had a Starbucks frappuchino, I have never had one before.¬† It was actually pretty lovely too ūüôā

So my Mocha light Frappe with extra Soya milk and my friends Berry Hibiscus.

Like I said short and sweet, must go since I have a busssssy¬†day tomorrow! Il let you know what I get up to in a later post ūüėČ

Sac ūüôā


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