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Foodie Fridays

Good evening 🙂 So I know it is Saturday but I was meant to post THIS yesterday…damn my un-organizational skills!

One of my absolute passions is food.  Good food at that.  I truly love roaming around the internet on foodie blogs, it’s probably the highlight of my week.  Most mornings that is what I do.
I have decided to make Fridays my “foodie Fridays” this is where I will post about food that I have eaten throughout the week and enjoyed and post pictures of foods which I have eaten, something along those lines anyway.

I admire health type blogs which advocate healthy living aswell as treating yourself too.  I believe wholeheartedly in a balanced diet, one which is for life as opposed to just a month, you know?  Fad diets are my absolute enemy.  To me they are the most unstructured, unhealthy, unsatisfying, non-sustainable, under-nourished fad’s going around.  I am always very curious about what people eat in a typical day; what they enjoy and don’t enjoy, how they cook their meals, what they take in their coffee, if they have ever been on a “typical” diet and if they go to restaurants, then what kinds of things do they order? Do they order sides? Order things without added blah blah blah?

So yea, I’m jumping on a bandwagon of showing the public how I eat.

I hope these types of posts become a good habit of mine, and I would hope that people would chime in with their opinions on things.  Today’s post is just short and sweet as this is a complete spur-of-the-moment thing!

This week though, on Tuesday to be precise I had a Starbucks frappuchino, I have never had one before.  It was actually pretty lovely too 🙂

So my Mocha light Frappe with extra Soya milk and my friends Berry Hibiscus.

Like I said short and sweet, must go since I have a busssssy day tomorrow! Il let you know what I get up to in a later post 😉

Sac 🙂


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