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The Script – 2012 Glasgow

It had been 6 years since I last went to a live concert, I was 15.  Although my cousin and I were sitting far at the back in the Glasgow SECC, Iron Maden were a joy to watch.  Their performance was particularly powerful and I enjoyed every minute of my time being there.  Now thinking about I am extremely glad I was NOT standing – the idea of being sucked into a circle pit at the age of 15 seems like a terrifying experience.  The supporting band, Trivium, warmed up the arena magnificently.  The full gig was a “metal-heads” dream.

I grew fond of the band The Script in 2008, “we cry” I believe was their first official single and I loved it.  The fact they were an Irish band intrigued me even more – like a lot of females out there I do love a bit of de Irish 😉

During the time I got their first album I was already in my first relationship, we were actually on a rocky stage and I found comfort in listening to The Script’s album.  When their second album was released I jumped at the chance of purchasing it, and just as I expected I loved them even more.  2 months ago I would never have thought I would be seeing The Script live!  But I did, and that was last night at the Glasgow O2 ABC arena.

Just like Trivium warmed-up the anticipating crowd before Iron Maden, a young man called Josh Osho did the same thing last night.  Josh’s music has a kind of Bob Marley feel to it, but more of a modern twist to it.  He is young, fresh and I can tell he will go far in his music career.

After a half hour wait when Josh finished, the full arena waited anxiously for The Script’s entrance.  I could empathically feel the excitement everywhere.  And finally, the lights dimmed further and a  streak of royal blue lights lit up the stage awaiting for the band.  Finally, they came running out on stage.  Cheers were everywhere, whistling and clapping echoed the entire venue, the thunderous screams from the fans pierced my ears.  It was like this for the full hour and a half that they were on.  They truly were amazing.

I really enjoyed my time in Glasgow last night, the concert was superb.  I still cannot fathom the idea that I was so close to Danny either, I think I was emotionally star-struck!  The full evening was more than I imagined it would be, it was completely better than I had expected.

I would see them again in a heart beat.

Sac 🙂


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