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Update – September

Good morning guys, I seem to have gone missing for just under two weeks! It hasn’t been intentional, I promise.  I figured an update was quite essential.

On the 24th of August I had my induction for college, safe to say everything went better than expected and I am glad I did decide to go back to college.  It was a quick day but I was filled with excitement, nerves and anxiety all at once…scary stuff.  That weekend I struggled to sleep, pretty badly – bed at 9pm, up at 11pm, slept at 3am, woke at 4.30am for work – this time pattern continued right through until Tuesday, the day I officially started college.

Thankfully though on Tuesday evening I slept like a baby and have done ever since, until this morning.  I think it was just my nerves and my anxious state which kept me from sleeping, im sure it was.  I think when your anxious your mind just finds it so hard to drift off to sleep, that was the main problem I struggled to fall asleep and get back to sleep after I had woken up.

Last night I fell asleep around 11pm and woke this morning at 4.30am, but this past week I have had this blog on my mind.  For a long time I have wanted to start a blog, one which is true to me and one which reflects MY opinions and views on all subjects in life.  I don’t want MY blog to just be about health and fitness and nutrition (even though they are my passions), I want it to reflect also my 21 years of wisdom through all things – including random things, like which tea-cups I find are more perfect for a good cup of tea – aswell as my passions.  I am not trying to sell myself to anyone or feel the need to be approved, I’m doing this for me and whoever wants to follow me on MY journey.  I read a great article called “4 reasons why your blog sucks” –  – I found it intriguing and I think other people would enjoy reading it too.  The thing which stuck out to me was that some blogs lack “authenticity” here is a snippet from this section: “It can be daunting to publish a post you’ve poured your heart and soul into with no guarantee other people will approve”
He hit the nail on the head with that one, I believe there’s a glint of these feelings deep within bloggers. I mean we are only human so of course if we spent hours typing away and putting a lot of effort into a post which reflects perfectly our points of views and feelings, we would be completely taken aback and feel as though someone put a bullet through our throat if other bloggers attacked us in a sense  and disapproved of our creative words.  Perhaps not a bullet but you get my drift.  We would feel creatively  and emotionally hurt, our posts there after MAY even change in ways to reflect the harsh opinions of that person.

But it truly depends on our perspectives.  If we have a positive outlook on life it is possible that some off-putting comment wont affect us that badly as opposed to if we had a negative outlook on life.

Back to college.  So for the past couple of weeks that is what I have been getting up to and why I have not had the time to be fully present and write a blog entry.  I am studying an NQ Access to Applied Science course.  It is the first time I have ever studied chemistry and I am in fact a tad worried that I wont be able to handle the course work, currently I am finding that if I read over and over my notes when I am home I understand it better than when I am sitting in the class.  I sit in class feeling slightly anxious about whether my lecturer will pick on me to answer a question and I will just sit there with a red face shrugging my shoulders…oh the thought of it creeps me out.  I hope it never happens.

Do any of you guys dislike speaking out/answering questions in front of class?

Sac 🙂


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