The Big World And Me

A tale of an honest, introverted, realistic, ordinary and very normal young woman. With a passion for fitness, well-being, procrastination and people.

Who am I?

Hey there! So I figured I would write a bit more about me.  I actually find this part hard to do, I really do.  Maybe I have a hard time in expressing myself about myself.  But here it goes.

My name is Stacey Christie and I live in a small town called Bo’ness.  I am near Falkirk and situated in Scotland.  I love Scotland, it is truly an amazing country with alot of sights, historical and beautiful sights at that.  I always say I want to move away but realistically I actually am quite content where I am and porbbaly would not change it for the world.

I live with my mother and my little brother who is seven years old.

I describe myself as more of an introverted, health-conscious, realist kind of person.  I aim and I mean AIM to find the positive in everything, “every cloud has a silver lining”, so they say.  I do though, I try my best, but more often than not theres always a little devil over-shadowing the positivity with bad outcomes.  Nevertheless, I am a very attentive and open minded/hearted person.  At only 21 years of age (this year) I would say I am quite wise.

I have many many interests from music to spiritualism.  I am fascinated by the spiritual realm and believe in Angels, I have many angel cards/books.  My main interests are fitness and health.  I actually had an eating disorder at one point in my life, during that time I wanted to become an Accountant (I did’nt really though).  I believe it was the sense of security mainly with money that made me want to study this.  When I was 19, I too ka gap year in my studies to get healthy again and heal myself…I was such a wreck, I truly was.  I could not see it at the time but looking back now I totally can.  I went back to colelge a year later, a much healthier weight compared to the 86lbs that I was (I am only 5ft1 btw << shortyyy!) I studied my highers again – English, Biology, Psyhcology – with a change of career path in mind.

I believe it was my new found passion for fitness/health which led my to my career as a nutritionist.  It is something I would like to do whilst also helping people with their well-being and fitness.  I am studying an NC Access to Applied Sciences this year in order to achieve chemistry, thus helping me get to uni!  Its totally new to me, since I am not a very scientific person (seriously) I am pretty creative.  But, I want to do this, so Im taking a chance.

The Big World and Me

This blog is a leap of faith for me, I have ALWAYS been fascinated to start my own blog, I do already have one on BodySpace ( and on…but not one for the Big World to see.  I do hope that my blog becomes uselful in some way to anyone else who is fascinated in the lives of interesting pepople (jeez did I just consider myself as “interesting”) – as you can see I can be pretty self-defeating!

My blog will follow me on my worldly adventures including my day-today living, ideas, fantasies, creativeness, fitness, health in general and most of all my randomness.

Ps. My initals spell out “sac” just incase you wondered why the hell I end my posts in this way.

Thanks for reading and visiting my blog.  Please feel free to message me about anything and I will try my best to answer wholeheartedly with as much attentiveness as I can muster!

God bless You.


Sac 🙂 – sac is actually my initials just incase you wondered “why the heck is she signing her posts with this!?”


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