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Third time lucky?

Good Morning!  How you doing?

So for a long time, probably most of my life, I have always said to myself “third time lucky”.  I did’nt quite ever have an example to share off the top of my mind until today.

I had an appointment with my doctor early on yesterday morning and she had prescribed me some Azelaic Acid* in order to help me clear up my acne.  I thanked her and off I went to the pharmacist to get my prescription.  Turned out they could’nt get it as it was not in their system so they had advised me to go to another pharmacist.  I had’nt had my breakfast yet and my feet were a little sore so I decided to go home before venturing down the town to another pharmacist.

After a 20 minute stroll to Rowlands pharmacist I was sent away and told to phone them later on as they did not have any of my Azelaic Acid available at that time – they were going to order it in.  I ended up phoning them about 4 hours later to find out if they managed to get any in and was told that there was a problem with the manufacturer and therefore I could not get it.  I was gutted to say the least as I was really quite psyched on trying this cream.  I took yet ANOTHER walk down town, a little quicker than the stroll previously, popped into Rowlands pharmacy and collected my prescription.  There was only one other pharmacy left to try and that was Boots.

I actually did not have high hopes at this point and my mind was already racing with ideas to get the next bus to Falkirk to try a bigger pharmacist.  I went in and asked the lovely lady about my prescription and she said she would have a look.  To my absolute surprise they had it in already! I was actually so happy when she asked me to sign and wait 5 minutes for it.  Finally, success!

Third Time Lucky

As I was walking down town the first time I had a hunch that I should check out Boots first, however I did not listen to this little buzz of intuition.  If I had I would have gotten the prescription straight away instead of all the faffing about and time wasted waiting.

But it made me think alot about my beliefs, and I KNOW that one of my beliefs are infact “third time lucky”.  I am a true believer that what we BELIEVE about life and ourselves is what is projected back to us, in many forms.  Okay, so I know this example is’nt quite as dramatic or fantastic as what it could be…but it is perhaps a glimpse of how even the smaller everyday tasks can actually resonate with our own beliefs.

There are many ways to stop the beliefs we have about ourselves and life.  Alot of the time simple affirmations are all we really need to drill in a different belief and help erase an older one.  I guess the saying “third time lucky” can be viewed a tad negatively in relation to many things, since, for example you may subconsciously believe this at an interview one day but during the interview this belief is right there telling you that your third interview will have a MUCH better outcome.  Therefore this interview may not prove to be successful for you since you BELIEVE that the third time will be right for you, know what I mean?  I do not think it is a bad thing at all, in ways life obviously has a better plan for you.  Like I always say too, everything happens for a reason.

Do any of you have beliefs?  If you do, do you have any examples like the one I had? (possible better!) Also, are there ways which you have tried to get rid of any beliefs?

Sac 🙂


Post number one: beginning

Good morning.  Well I must say I did not expect to wake up tired and exhausted at 4.30am and start a blog, but that is what has happend! I like to just “go with the flow” so lets just see where this takes me.

A bit about me

I have many interests.  My main interests, though, are fitness and well-being.  The fitness one did’nt come to me until the age of 18, at this time I was in the middle of a mental breakdown with my eating disorder and depression.  I hated fitness at school, absolutely loathed it.  I was always that one girl who bearely took part, always having an excuse – seriously every single week I had my period as to not take part in swimming! During my recovery for my eating disorder a strong emphasis on fitness overtook my life.  My main sport I guess you could say was weight-lifting.  Mainly I underwent a really good strength training programme in order to help me bulk up and, to me, gain weight healthily.  It was a goal which during the process of  I fell absolutely head-over-heels with and wanted to help all my friends and family achieve their fitness goals too.  I was a self-proclaimed gym-oholic, personal trainer, nutritionist, honestly I adored the gym.  It was my crutch.

My other interest is well-being.  The whole year of 2011 was concentrated on my depressive state and my foot

 I sought comfort in helpful blogs like The Daily Love and Always Well Within, and books from authors such as Louise L Hay.  This wonderful new realm so to speak opened my mind dramatically and helped me to appreciate life.  The idea of self-forgiveness, the law of attraction, self-love…a whole spectrum of spiritual/self-improvement topics were so welcomed by me.  These wonderful writers have wholeheartedly helped me become a better person and brought the Stacey back that had got lost through the self-deprication of my less active lifestyle.  I truly appreciate these writers and would reccomend ANYONE to have a read through blogs like these which truly help expand your mind and soul, thus helping you achieve inner peace.  I totally value life so so much more now, and, when I am having a good week anyway, I look forward to every single day.

The Big World And Me

Okay, so enough rambling for now.  It is now 6.15am and I have been typing for an hour and a half, I would love to keep typing but I do not want to bore the reader!

This blog which I have started will concentrate on MY life and who I was, am and who I want to be.  It will focus on many things ranging from random babbling (which I do alot of) to food to lifestyle happiness, fitness, personal improvement…its really just for me to share some of MY experiences with anyone who wants to take the time and actually read it.  I would love to help people one day somehow so if I end up inspiring somebody out there through anything I write then that would be awesome.  I love that word, awesome.

Have a truly awesome day! And thankYOU for reading!

Sac 🙂

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